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On your journey through Kindergarten with your child...

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Thank you for all you do at home and continue to do throughout the school year to guide and support your child. For more information on how you can continue to do so, see below: 


First and foremost-

Please read with your child! 

Did you know?


Learning Standards- 

New Ohio Learning Standards for Kindergarten can be found at this address:

1.) Scroll down page to "Explore Learning Standards"

2.) Click which subject you would like to review

3.) Search Kindergarten standards (all starting with "K")


High Frequency Words to Practice with your Child-

Week                                       Week

1….I, if                                     14….are, now, was

2….like, in                                 15….but, not, when

3….the, an                                16….is, how, your

4….and, it                                 17….find, this, they

5….on, can                                18….will, be, there

6….see, as                                19....go, for, use

7….we, his                                20….by, each, which

8….a, at                                    21….make, play, do

9….to,that                                22….said, good, one

10….have, from                         23….she, all

11….come, me, or                      24….he, no

12….with, my, of                       25….REVIEW

13….you, what, had


Websites to help you help your student:

  • Reading Rockets

o   Reading Rockets is a national multimedia literacy initiative offering information and resources on how young kids learn to read, why so many struggle, and how you can help your child with these struggles.


  • NWP (National Writing Project)

o   A website dedicated to promoting the importance of writing. Here you can find strategies and activities that you can do with your student to support their writing.


  • PBS Parents

o   From summer learning to year round math tips, find answers and advice for supporting your child in mathematics.


  • Phonics Overview


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