Additional School Information

             Big Walnut Local Schools Mission:

              To inspire and guide each student to his or her maximum potential.       

School Day Times and Food Policy

   All Day Kindergarten Times 

2 Hour Delay Schedule
8:35 building is open for students to enter classrooms 
3:30 afternoon dismissal begins

​What about food at BWE?

Safety of our students is a top priority each day.  In an effort to further promote the safety of all students, the following guidelines are now in place in the Big Walnut Local Schools District for this school year:

 1. All food items brought in for students, besides your child(ren), must be purchased from a store, individually packaged, and labeled with ingredients.  Baked goods from home are no longer permitted to be given to other students. 

 2. Food items being brought/sent in for other students must be nut-free (no peanuts, tree nuts, etc.).

 3. Food items being brought/sent in for other students cannot be processed in facilities that process nut products (as noted on any labels).

 4. We strongly encourage celebrating special days with non-food items.  There are many ideas that can be found by doing a quick search on the internet.  Please communicate your idea with the classroom teacher. 

 5. Grade level teams and/or individual teachers may have more specific requirements, based on the needs of their students.  These requirements will be communicated to you by each team/teacher as needed.

Thank you for your support in promoting the safety of all students in our building.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school principal.